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P.O. Box 126
Montgomery, Indiana 47558

Fellowship -- Goodwill

Chartered In 1960
Serving: Montgomery, IN, Daviess County & Surrounding Communities


In November 2000, the Montgomery Ruritan Club used the occasion of its annual Turkey Trot Appreciation Night to mark its 40th anniversary year by recognizing and honoring the 40 men who had served as club president. Deron Steiner, club president, was master of ceremonies for the event. He along with several other former presidents gave reflections of club progress, highlights, lowlights as well as personal reflections of what the club has meant to them and to the community as a whole. Bob Showalter, also a past president, gave a slide presentation on the early years of club history focusing on the building of the Montgomery Ruritan Park campgrounds, Indian Rock Lake, the early years of the Turkey Trot Festival and the construction of the community building.

In its now 48th year history, the Montgomery Ruritan Club has had 48 different community individuals who have served as club president. These forty-six civic minded individuals have represented a wide range of professional and personal backgrounds. Regardless of the divergence of leadership, the club has thrived and still maintains its continuity and dedication to the betterment of not just the Montgomery area but all of Daviess and Martin Counties. 

ruritan 48

Past Presidents Of Ruritan Club:

Ruritan Club Presidents and the year of serving: front row, left to right: Chris O’Brian (1969), Donald Craney (1987), Gary Graber (1980), Tony Showalter (1990), Glen Spaulding (1994), P. J. Craney (1992), Galen Graber (1988), John Hart (1982), Tom Kane (2001).Second row, left to right: Mike Steiner (1999), Hank Wittmer (1974), Tony Duncheon (1998), Jim Truelove (1983), George Nolan (1976), Darrell Eaton (1984), Ed Theroff (1978), Deron Steiner (2000).  Back row, left to right:, P. V. Steiner (1981), Paul Miller (1977), Bob Showalter (1968), Jack Craney (1979), Alvis Graber (1995), Joe Wuertz (1993), Jim O’Brian (1973), Charles Albert Kavanaugh (1975).

Those past presidents unable to attend were: Tom Jones (1963), Joe Traylor (1965), Bob Elliott (1972), Jim Traylor (1985), Rus Titzer (1986), Mike Healy (1989), Jack Graber (1991), Pat Schitter (1996), Mike Anderson (1997).

Former presidents who are deceased include: Joe Arvin (1961), Harold Perkins (1962), Charles Steiner (1964), Charles Hart (1966), James Nolley (1967), Clyde Schnarr (1970), Ralph Dages (1971) and John Hart Sr. (1982).

Those who have served as Ruritan President since this photo take include: Scott Nally (2002), Grant Olds (2003), Dennis Hart (2004), Louis Kavanaugh Jr. (2005), and Lee Kavanaugh (2006), Bob Miller (2007), John Wagler (2008)

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